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Tinder loading matches forever 8. K across10. K across12. K across13. Switch to Yellow Kfb across 24 sts14. K across16. K acrossRows 1820. K across22. K across24. K across26. K acrossStuff the head and body with polyester stuffing.28. K2tog across 6 sts29. K2tog across 3 sts30. work as Icord 1 round to make the stinger pull yarn through remaining stitches and weave in loose endsFor an alternate striping pattern no pictured If you would like to try a yellow head and 5 stripes on the body try Rows 112 Yellow 1315 Black 1618 yellow 1921 Black 2224 Yellow 2530 black.Wings make 2CO 4 sts. Work in Icord for 15 rounds and stitch caston to castoff edges forming a loop. Sew the two wings in a bow type configuration at the neck of the bee body.Dyeing the YellowAs described in some of my small scale dyeing tales this yellow dyebath had 1C water 1T white vinegar and 2 drops of yellow food coloring. The presoaked yarn was placed in the dyebath and the mixture was microwaved on high for one minute and then allowed to cool until all dye was absorbed. The wool was washed in luke warm water with mild soap and allowed to air dry.I considered making antennas or eyes for this little bee but I preferred the almost cartoonlike simplicity of the body and wings. If you would like to add a simple Icord eye see the plushie fly pattern by Chemknits.Kfb increase by knitting into the front and back of a sin

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The tinder box santa monica 27.04.200628.04.200810.04.2009No common name Andrena nigroaenea With over 60 different Andrena species in the UK the bee in the upper image could be one of several very similar species. I assume that it is Andrena nigroaenea because it was found in the same location and at the same time of year as the two specimens seen below which have been positively identified by microscopic examination. Hopefully this demonstrates that one cannot always rely on photographs for identification of similar looking species. Sometimes images are suffixed with the term agg. indicating that they are representative of an aggregate group of similar species.Like the Tawny Mining bee above these are solitary ground nesting bees excavating deep tunnels in sandy soil and pushing the spoil to the surface to form little mounds. Every so often a side chamber will be dug out to accommodate one larva. This will be provisioned with a paralysed insect on which an egg is laid. The chamber is then sealed before the female moves on to create the next chamber.Nest building can be a protracted business as it is influenced by the weather. Cold or wet spells will cause the bees to become dormant. But the first dry sunny day will usually see activity start up again.The egg is left to hatch and the larva a white grub will develop in isolation feeding on the food provided for it. When mature the larva pupates and

Sexy chat man without login Copyright InformationAll original materialstomatodescriptions photographs andoriginal copycontained herein are protected by copyright and are the sole property ofLaurels Heirloom Tomato Plants www.heirloomtomatoplants.comor of Gary Ibsen and CarmelTomatoFest www.TomatoFest.comor of the following people companies or entities Description by Gary Ibsen Owner of TomatoFest.comAll rights reserved. Purple Haze plant and Purple Haze grouping are the property of Dana Ferrin and used here with his gracious permission.Photo of 3 parents of Purple Haze Original are the property of Keith Mueller.Green Giantphotographs are the sole property of Cynthia Sandberg owner LoveApple Farm www.loveapplefarm.biz used here with her kind permission. Allrights reserved.Summer Cider Hartmans Yellow Gooseberry and Chocolate Amazon photographs

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Chat xxx uk collegeworkspaintingcams.comPollinatorsespecially beesplay an important role in the production of many seeds nuts and fruits that humans enjoy. Some people think only of allergies when they think about pollen but pollinationthe transfer of pollen grains to fertilize the seedproducing ovaries of flowersis essential to plant reproduction. Many trees shrubs and wildflowers depend on bees and other animals for pollination. Worldwide concerns about pollinator declines have increased awareness about the importance of pollinators and questions about what individuals can do to help.To celebrate National Pollinator Week starting in 2012 members of the MSU Horticulture Gardens.For people of all ages this is a free fun and educational event organized by volunteers to provide an afternoon of interactive activities centered on understanding the wonderful world of pollinators.Stations are set up around the gardens and can be visited in any order. On display are demonstration honey bee and bumble bee colonies examples of wild Michigan bees and how to build bee hotels plants and gardening practices to support pollinators as well as how we need pollinators in food production. Attendees can make clay seed bombs go on guided pollinator tours pet a bumble bee learn about how bee bodies work and have their face painted with a pollinatorFor more information visit