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Games like bianca chat YES I am aware of the love many have for German Walthers.YES I am aware of the current recall on SW PPKs. YES I know that GlockKahrRobach make smaller lighter guns in 9mm and 40.Despite these things Im thinking about getting one always wanted one and wondered what people whove checked out both the blue and stainless prefer and why. I do love the look of a classic blueing job my Smith Mod. 29 for instance but realize it might not be the smartest choice for a concealed carry weapon. The new Smiths on their web page look almost parkerized. Anyone seen on in the flesh Nice or cheap looking I see some advantage to having a concealed gun be dark less likely to catch someones eye under clothes if it inadvertently pokes out but the stainless ones look better in the pix. Ive wondered if the blued ones might be less jam prone due to either the steel or finish on it. I know the old galling problems are supposedly long gone ....

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Bumble bee makeup child The Compact Pistol That Shook Not StirredProduced 1930PresentPocket pistols first appeared in Walthers product line in 1908 making them one of the very first firearm companies to manufacture small compact pistols. That DNA has always been entwined in all Walther pistols especially in the sveltelooking PPK.In 19311932 Walther followed the Model PP with the smaller Model PPK. Although some sources claimed that the K in the pistols designation refers to kurtz German for short as in Police Pistol Short most favor kriminal as the more correct choice. The designation Polizei Pistole Kriminal thus indicates the pistols intended use by the Kripo or Kriminal Polizei the detective branch of the German police. At 6.1 inches in overall length and 1.25 pounds the Model PPK was essentially a smaller Model PP with a shorter grip and slide and a 3.4inch barrel. It was offered in the same calibers as its larger predecessor. Walther also eliminated the Model PPs metal back strap and instead manufactured the Model PPK with a comfortable onepiece wraparound plastic grip. Owing to the PPKs shortened grip its magazine accepted seven cartridges rather than the Model PPs eight. The sh

Free adult ims chat This feature is not available right now. Please try again later. Published on Apr 16 2013Comparing similarities and differences between the SW PPK and Interarms PPK. Both in .380 ACP Category

Darmowy chat seks online nl talk to horny weomen free ni signPK380Classic Walther Ergonomics Best Trigger on the MarketWalther PK380 Field StrippingRapid aiming and target acquisition. Low profile wont snag clothing. WEAVER ACCESSORY RAILCERAKOTE COATED SLIDE AND BARRELResists corrosion. Matte finish.LOADED CHAMBER VIEWPORTFast nolook magazine changes.MANUAL SAFETYERGONOMIC WALTHER GRIP8ROUND MAGAZINE WITH Ergonomic RestPK380Easy To Operate Compact GunThe PK380 is not just good looking. It is small and good looking. That makes the PK380 excellent for concealed carry. Its small grip is ideal for shooters with small hands. The slide is easy to operate making it a good choice for women. The light weight goes unnoticed in a pocket or purse. Credit Walther Performance Design for another hit. Small is indeed beautiful.PK380 SPECIFICATIONS

SEX in Codo 13.00Brand WaltherIt appears to have a stainless steel finish. If you were to send this out to a gun smith it would cost big bucks. If you ever wanted a shorty that have been seen on TV shows of the 1960s than this one is for you The front sight is on the slide see picture.405.00Brand Walther

Chat cock Walther PPKsI was in my local gun shop today and saw a blued Walther PPKs on a shelf. I took a closer look. In the past I have seen different markings on the PPKs guns. The early ones had Walther Ulm Germany on the slide. Then later on they had Imported by Interarms on the slide. And lately they had Smith Wesson on the slide. The one I looked at today had Made under license of Walther Ulm Germany on the left side of the slide and Made by Walther USA on the right side of the slide. First time Ive ever seen that. It doesnt appear to be a new gun. No box or papers and it had use marks on it so looks like its been around a while.Anyone familiar with these markings If so who is making this gunThanksPosts 11586Walther in Alabama for Interarms but I dont think they made a PPKs only the original sized PPK. Stainless and blue 380 and .22 LR. I have a .380 in my hand.They could be the last of the real steel Walthers.Sorry Two touching and three flyers is not a quarter inch group. Last edited by JBelk 01192018 at 0201 PM.007 never saw a PPKS........... FWIW the Walther PPKS was a post1968 workaround so the PPK could be imported into the US after the passage of the 1968 Gun Control Act.IIRC the PPKS consisted of marrying a Model PPK upper slidebarrel with a Model PP lowergripframe.European makers are usually very specific about gun markings witness the Manhurin Walthers so if theres no other markings than WaltherUlm then thats who made it...Posts 1

Credit free porn chat room This feature is not available right now. Please try again later. Published on Nov 23 2012My wife picked this classic beauty. Here I just talk about what I notice about it and what I know. My wife is planning to due the after range report review HERSELF This is going to be her carry pistol from now aside from the CZ 75 PCR D Compact. Category

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SEX in Peoria This feature is not available right now. Please try again later. Published on Mar 9 2014One of my favorite pistols hence why I have 3 I discuss the PPK as a pistol overall then compare different iterations spanning nearly 40 years and different manufacturers. This video is terrible though very choppy but I think I got the major points across and there are some good shots of the PPKs. Category

Real sexchat site Posts 876one more for stainless I like both models I have a PPKS German satin nickel plate and an Interarms stainlessPPK both are.380 would like to have them both in.32 also .My first was a Manurhin .32 blued it is showing some wear but shoots like a dream it is a PP. I have a German PP in .380 and a Manny in.380 both are that deep deep blue black that has such a gloss as to be reflective the only time I carry them is when I have on a tux if you flash with them it just disappears where the stainless would shine like a diamond in a goats a as my daddy would say. They dont get carried often on me but to the range as often as I can. when I was in my late teens I could go out plinking and shoot till I was tired and it cost me maybe 8.00 when I go now can blow through 50.00 real damn fast ah for the good ole days.ayb

Cyber sex 1 v 1 Walther PPK still young after almost 90 yearsThe WaltherPPK is one of the most famous guns in history. Compact accurate reliablealmost ninety years after its introduction it still boasts a solid base ofenthusiasts.The Team all4shooters.comOur Walther PPK in 7.65 Browning was built at the Ulm factory in 1973 and is practically asnew.Thesemiautomatic Walther PPK is one of themost famous and iconic modern handguns that was issued to the Third Reich armyand the German police. Reportedly even Adolf Hitler killed himself witha 7.65 mm Walther PPK.To further amplify the fame of this gun Ian Fleming theEnglish writer armed James Bond with it the licensedtokill secret agentcreated in 1952 who became the protagonist of one of the richest cinematic andliterary franchises.Video shooting test with Walther PPKWalther PPK a pistol forthe policeButback to our PPK it was produced since 1931 as a compact version of the PPmodel Polizei Pistole police pistol introduced by the Carl Walther GmbHSportwaffen company located at Zella Mehlis in Thuringia.Although thereare at least two theories about th

Akhi alamgir nude Walther PPSpecifications660g 23oz PP 7.6517mm Browning SR.32 ACP675g 23.8oz PP .22 LR590g 21oz PPK 917mm Short.380 ACP590g 21oz PPK 7.6517mm Browning SR.32 ACP560g 20oz PPK .22 LR635g 22.4oz PPKS 917mm Short.380 ACP630g 22oz PPKS 7.6517mm Browning SR.32 ACP645g 22.8oz PPKS .22 LR480g 17oz PPKL 7.6517mm Browning SR.32 ACP450g 16oz PPKL .22 LR780g 28oz PPSuperLength155mm 6.1in PPK156mm 6.1in PPKS155mm 6.1in PPKL176mm 6.9in PPSuper83mm 3.3in PPK PPKS PPKL92mm 3.6in PPSuperWidth25mm 1.0in PPK35mm 1.4in PPSuperHeight100mm 3.9in PPK110mm 4.3in PPKS113mm 4.4in PPKE124mm 4.9in PPSuper320ms 1049.9fts PP 7.6517mm Browning SR.32 ACP305ms 1000.7fts PP .22 LR244ms 800.5fts PPKPPKS 917mm Short.380 ACP308ms 1010.5fts PPKPPKSPPKL 7.6517mm Browning SR.32 ACP280ms 918.6fts PPKPPKSPPKL .22 LR325ms 1066.3fts PPSuperFeedsystem7 .3806 .380.The Polizeipistole or It features an exposed hammer a traditional doubleaction trigger mechanism3 a sin

Adult fuck location This feature is not available right now. Please try again later. Published on Dec 21 2014SW Walther PPK blued steel and PPKS stainless steel both with aftermarket rosewood grips. Category